Daily red lip BENI

Daily red lip BENI Layering the colors with your fingers, you will feel a red that suits you.
By putting it on the lips little by little with your fingertips, it will blend well with your skin.
Even if you are not familiar with red lipstick, BENI's coating makes it a fit in your daily life!

I want you to shine and live like yourself

Even though we are all Japanese, we have different skin tones, but we tend to apply makeup in the same way and with the same trendy colors. But what matters is to be yourself. To know yourself, take care of yourself, and love yourself.
We have different thoughts and different worries. That's why MEMARY wants to create a world where everyone of them can have confidence in their natural beauty and open up the future with a smile in their way while staying close to each other.
We will support not only your makeup but also your personality. BE YOUR TRUE SELF.


Message from CEO of MENARY

 MENARY started with the desire to expand the options for women and create opportunities for each and every one of them to gain confidence.
 It's been over a year since the brand was born. Finally, we were able to reach the commercialization of MENARY BENI, which we have been particular about. Japan's first plastic-free lipstick that focuses on the "natural beauty of women" and "contribution to the environment and society." Finished in dark red.  
 The MENARY team would like to work together with fans to create even higher quality and satisfying products. This is not the end.
 MENARY is still a small brand, but through us we will create a society where as many women as possible can shine more. We are grateful for the support of many people, and our team will continue to evolve toward our goals.

MENARY CEO Mai Kishino


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