Commitment to BENI

  • Natural ylang ylang scent

    Ylang-ylang flower oil is used as a fragrance. General brand lipsticks tend to have a strong fragrance for Japanese people, and while many of them are fragrance-free, they are characterized by a natural scent that does not stick to the nose. From the moment you open the lid, you can feel the pleasant fragrance.

  • Feminine matte texture

    Red is used to express “empowerment” so that the person's natural skin color and beauty can be utilized. If you put on red lipstick, other makeup will naturally be simple. By making the best use of each person's skin color, we can bring out the person's natural beauty.

  • Luxurious use of natural ingredients

    Contains essential oils of orange, camphor tree, tea tree leaf, palmarosa, prunesia salumientoi and vetiver.


In order to express "empowerment", we finished it with a matte texture. Therefore, there is no need to worry about stickiness. Also, please enjoy the difference in finish between applying with your finger and applying with a brush.

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